About Us

Since 9-11 more and more of Long Island sons and daughters have answered the call to duty. As our children enter the Military and some go off to war, more parents are left at home to worry about their children. Some seek a support group that understands what they are going through. A place to gain information on how they can support their child’s needs, morale and welfare. Then there are those mothers that have to deal with a child returning from Service to their country that have been injured or worse, that don’t know where to turn to get help or just talk to others mothers such as themselves.


The NY 6 chapter of Blue Star Mothers of America ~ “Long Island Blue Star Moms” was formed in 2009 when we saw the need for a local chapter here on Long Island and the 5 Boroughs. We are currently hosting members from every one of those areas. Our growing membership supports each other, our children and all others in Military Service, including local Veterans who have faithfully served our country. As the old adage goes, “You don’t have to go through this alone”!


There are more mothers like that on Long Island than one may think. In 2009 a few of us met and found how much we had in common by way of our children. Talking to each other gave us strength and comfort. A few soon grew to more mothers meeting on common ground as Blue Star Mothers until we finally  had enough mothers to form our own chapter.


We also encourage all family members and friends to join us!


LIBSM is very involved in fund raising, Troop support, sending care packages, Veterans support, honoring our Gold Star Families, Community Outreach Programs, PTSD Awareness,  and many other programs that help our Military community. Please join us at our monthly meeting or come talk to us at one of many events we attend.